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I wanted to be a lot of things when I was growing up; a doctor, an astronaut, a pop star, a giraffe. You know the usual stuff. This led to loads of pretending, playing dress up, and many plays in the family living room. 

Mix that with growing up around in NYC theatre, a mom who would play show tunes nonstop, and the desire to play, and it was no surprise I got bit by the acting bug pretty young. Because if I wanted to be everything, I figured I would be someone who got the chance to be as many people as possible...makes enough sense right?

I started training classically in voice at age twelve, and participated in many shows growing up. Eventually I decided to pursue my training at Hofstra University, where I trained from classical to contemporary text and played my favorite roles to date in Romeo & Juliet as Romeo, and Sheila Franklin in Hair. In May 2018, I graduated with my BFA in Acting with a minor in English and Musical Theatre.

My overall training has also delved into Stage Combat, Dialects, Meisner, Viewpoints, Mask, and most recently I've begun studying Alexander Technique. I have been on the move ever since graduating, doing Summerstock, a national tour, and now that I'm back in NYC, an off-broadway production! With the craziness of this business, what also comes along is a lot excitement and camaraderie that I will embrace till the sun goes down. My job is to take audiences on a journey in whatever role I fit, and hopefully by the end, we'll all feel a bit more human. I'm always looking forward to telling more stories to inspire the world around me, and the adventures that come with that!

In my free time I bike a lot, take care of dogs, learn a bit more on my guitar, and write poetry. 

“You may tell a tale that takes up residence in someone's soul, becomes their blood and self and purpose. That tale will move them and drive them and who knows that they might do because of it, because of your words. That is your role, your gift.”

Erin Morgenstern--The Night Circus

2010 - present
2010 - present
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